Surgical Meshes

Abdominal Surgery

Sutumed Corp. · U29


Polypropylene Surgical Mesh: • Made of small diameter of Polypropylene mesh, which allows it to be stretched in both directions to reinforce tissue defects • The high resistance of the mesh allows you to work safely and reliably to repair an hernia or abdominal wall defect. • Recommended for interventions in general surgery. Polypropylene Light Surgical Mesh: • Monofilament polypropylene mesh with low weight and large pores. • Indicated to reinforce weak soft tissue Visceral Contact Surgical Mesh: A sterile mesh non-deformable, non-absorbable, composed of two side. One side, 100% polypropylene and non-woven microperfored, and the other side, silicone. PP-PGA-PCL Surgical Mesh: Manufactured in polypropylene (non-absorbable material) and PGA - polyglycolic acid with PCL - Polycaprolactone (absorbable material). One of the lightest and best tensile strength on the market.

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