Trazanto Analyzer

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Terragene LLC · T44


Terragene® has developed a simple and accurate analysis device for chemical and washing indicators. Get clear results with precision that goes beyond human capabilities. The scanner works together with proprietary Bionova® Cloud software allowing to integrate all your results in the same platform: washing indicators, chemical indicators, protein-based hygiene monitoring system and biological indicators. Trazanto now allows the automatic incorporation of results of chemical indicators and washing Indicators in the same traceability system where the rest of the Terragene® monitoring indicators are automatically managed and analyzed. Terragene devices allows to manage all together in the same platform: Bionova® biological indicators, Chemdye® Pro1Micro (hygiene monitoring system based on the absolute quantification of total proteins), Chemdye® washing indicators, and Chemdye®/Integron® chemical indicators.
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