CDWA4 - Chemdye Splat

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Terragene LLC · T44


CDWA4 / Cleaning Indicator for cleaning performance tests. Challenge level: very high. Detects all the factors that affect the result of a washing process. Initial Color: Fuchsia. Result: removal of the fuchsia organic substance. Designed for routine control of cleaning processes and for monitoring automatic washing machines effectiveness as well as monitoring ultrasonic washing machines which operate at frequencies equal to or greater than 35 kHz, and temperatures between 30 ºC and 70 ºC. Characteristics -Challenge level: very high. -Allows detection of all factors affecting the outcome of cleaning process. -Initial Color: fuchsia. -Size: 70 mm x 30 mm (approximate). -Synthetic temperature-stable support. -Result: elimination of fuchsia organic substance. To interpret results visually, use the results reference guide on product´s instructions for use. Optionally, the readout of the cleanning indicator can be done using Trazanto Automatic Quality Control and Traceability System (see instructions for use in device´s manual).
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