Photon - The Instant Readout Self-Contained Biological Indicator

Laboratory Incubators

Terragene LLC · T44


Time goes by quickly; and managing it effectively has the ability to significantly improve the productivity of every process. Effective time management will probably allow you to get better results with less effort. We know that; and that is the reason why we have developed the first instant biological monitoring system. Designed for quick and easy evaluation of steam sterilization cycles It works with an Instant Readout Self-Contained Biological Indicator inoculated with viable 106 Geobacillus stearothermophilus bacterial spores and is intended for monitoring the efficacy of steam sterilization processes. The indicator has sensivity near 100% and a 7 seconds read-out that makes it instant. Have been designed for quick and easy monitoring of vacuum assisted and gravity displacement steam sterilization cycles at 132-135 ºC.
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