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Below is a partial list of our 8,000+ unique SKUs. We have several purchasing options, please request a quote for more information. https://directmedparts.com/parts-for-mri-ct/ DirectMed Parts has a full line of tested parts ready to be installed. Our team is available around the clock to ensure your satisfaction. We can repair your RF, System, Gradient and Magnet level components. DirectMed also specializes in MRI coil repairs for all manufacturers. VCT Collimator Control Board (CCB) – 5175034 VCT 64 Sherlock Detector Module (Class 3) – 5136400-4 P9234YV CAM Assembly Board – 2228695 Plug in Module for RW – 2336781-4 VCT Plenum Cover Fan – 5114240-4 MX200 Performix 6.3 MHU CT Tube – 2137130-2 Standard Jedi HV Tank – 2186730 VCT HD DAS Power Supply – 5183570 Image Generator Lightspeed – 2362872 VCT 64 Collimator Motor – 5271284 VIG Computer – with updated VRAC – 5114533-2 Straton Z Tube – 7737807 DARC Computer – Dual Disk H16MDAS – 5114772 DARC2 without DIP Board (Westerville) – 5114772-100 VCT DARC Ed 2, with VCT DIP 64 – 5114523-2
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